sexta-feira, 19 de março de 2004


hey man, what's up? why are you this way? Why do you think this kind of things, why do you wanna hurt somebody? No, don't come to me to say that everybody can be save, 'cos you know it's a lie. One day, when you shall not need this, you gonna fell on the hard floor. try how many ways do you want, but you better be sure what is waiting for you. ok, it can the farness, the solitude, and, "com'on, they are just thoughts", but, stop them, at least, where they are. Do not allow they cross the safety line.

hey, are you nutts? do you think that I am here just to make you fell guilty? Listen, I do not exist, to tell you the truth. I am here just to talk, this kind of stuff that you think that is important.

Yeah, let's put some music, fill all the ambient not to fell alone. Go read some books. The same book, the history class book. Go surf here, look for something to talk when you will have someone to talk. and make your own patience. like a painter make his pictures, drawnings. like a sculptor, like a old man waiting for his hour... wait, the only thing there is to learn.

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