sexta-feira, 9 de novembro de 2012

'Um Dom para Salvador', de Ed Motta

Em homenagem a Ed Motta, que toca amanhã no Rio os seus melhores discos. Se a minha opinião não vale, segue a de Gilles Peterson:
I’ve picked up on this album recently and it’s an interesting one for me being a jazz musician. Not only has a lot of musical creativity and thought gone in to each composition in regards to chord structures, textures and dynamics but also a great deal of effort has gone in to the finished sound of the record. Dwitza has been mixed in a way that gives the listener a completely live musical experience without physically being at a gig and without it being recorded in a live setting. Essentially it’s a studio album and the thing that makes it interesting is the fact that no effects, i.e. reverb, delay compression limiters etc have been added in the final mix or have they been used for the vocals or other instruments featured. This gives the listener an experience that seems to touch the heart and soul in a very direct and deep level. On listening to the record I can here the many influences, from bebop-inspired jazz melody lines, traditional Brazilian folk elements, funky Latin-based grooves, plenty of hip-shaking samba rhythms and juicy chord voicings that perpetuate his musical experiences.

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