segunda-feira, 10 de junho de 2013

Assange x Google x Privacy in internet

Commodities just become more marvelous; young, urban professionals sleep, work and shop with greater ease and comfort; democracy is insidiously subverted by technologies of surveillance, and control is enthusiastically rebranded as “participation”; and our present world order of systematized domination, intimidation and oppression continues, unmentioned, unafflicted or only faintly perturbed.
The advance of information technology epitomized by Google heralds the death of privacy for most people and shifts the world toward authoritarianism. [...]
The section on “repressive autocracies” describes, disapprovingly, various repressive surveillance measures: legislation to insert back doors into software to enable spying on citizens, monitoring of social networks and the collection of intelligence on entire populations. All of these are already in widespread use in the United States. In fact, some of those measures — like the push to require every social-network profile to be linked to a real name — were spearheaded by Google itself.[...]
Without even understanding how, they have updated and seamlessly implemented George Orwell’s prophecy. If you want a vision of the future, imagine Washington-backed Google Glasses strapped onto vacant human faces — forever.
On 1st June, Julian Assange wrote a piece to "The New York Times" about "The new digital age", book written by Eric Schmidt and Jared Cohen, two names connected to Google (tt seems this is the controversy book of our very-right-now moment). Assange complains about a lot of positions from Google, disagree in almost all of their ideas, makes some self-promotion, but we cannot denied: he foresaw the actual US crisis.

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