sábado, 14 de abril de 2012

Jack Upholsterer White

[...] he began a career as an upholsterer. His company was colour coded – everything from his clothes to his van to his tools had to be either white or yellow or black, "as an aesthetic presentation". He wrote his bills in crayon, and hid poems addressed to other upholsterers inside the furniture he restored: "I thought, we're the only ones to see inside this furniture, we should be talking to each other, like the Egyptian masons might leave a message on the stone they were putting in the pyramid. On one occasion, he and another upholsterer formed a band – called the Upholsterers – pressed 100 copies of a single, and hid them inside furniture they were restoring. "Not one's been found yet," he chuckles. "They were on clear vinyl with transparency covers, so even if you x-rayed the furniture you wouldn't be able to find them. I know where a couple of them might be, but it's very funny in that sense."

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